We’re just a couple of regular guys looking to spread our love of gravel and dirt.

Dave Mable- Urbandale, IA

While sitting around reading old running magazines in 2007, I noticed an ad with a bunch of belt buckles from 100-mile runs and thought it’d be cool to reward people for riding a bunch of 100-mile rides. Since my brother-in-law is a potter, not a silversmith, I went with stoneware cups- and the Cup’O Dirt was born! Originally, the Cup’O Dirt was awarded to those riding a dozen full centuries in a calendar year. Those who could finish 6 were awarded a Cup O’ Mississippi Mud and those completing a dozen metric centuries were awarded the Half Liter’O Dirt. We’ve simplified things recently – but all three options are still out there – and if you want to go for the full Cup, we’ll give you an extra pat on the back!

Jim Smith – Columbia, MO

After 8+ years of working in bike shops and a few years designing custom titanium frames, I wanted a new way to stay involved in the cycling community and share my passion for 2 wheels. I had been aware of the Cup O’ Dirt for a while, but it had been dormant for several years. So I made some phone calls and was eventually put in contact with Dave, who also just happened to be thinking of bringing it back. We teamed up, made some adjustments and updates, and re-launched the challenge in 2015. I’ve really enjoyed reading about and sharing your rides and am excited about where the cup may go in the future. Thanks to everyone involved for sharing their experiences on the bike and best wishes in your pursuit of a cup.