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Michelle’s Cup O’ Cedar

“Since this is my first Cup O’ Dirt submission I would like to share a little history from not so long ago.  It was 2014 and my husband and a friend were training for Dirty Kanza, I had only discovered biking for about a year and was steadily improving, having finished my first century the […]

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2015 Rides, Rider Bios, Rider Updates

Singles Going Steady

A guest post from Greg G. out of Somerset, WI “In the early 80’s my older brother brought home a copy of The Buzzcock’s Singles Going Steady.  Like other bands that filtered through my ears in my adolescence, this album grabbed me, shook me and kicked me across the street away from the preppies, the […]

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Meet Melissa

Melissa Hunter wrote in to share her story, and it’s one worth reading… “I currently hold on to an “impostor” Cup O Dirt — I did nothing to earn it.  It’s dated 2008 and heck, I didn’t even OWN a bike until 2012.  Now I have 7 1/2.  (impostor mug courtesy of my dad, Dave […]

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