The Naked Indian Rides 1,500 miles

Hello and Good Day,

My Name is Karlos, in some circles I am known as the Naked Indian, in others as the Singletrack Samurai.

Based in Florida, for the past 10 years I have been mapping off road routes in my home state and organizing grassroots events.

Some routes you may have heard of,

The CFiTT, Cross Florida Individual Time Trial, the only coast to coast bikepack challenge in the country.

The HuRaCaN 300, a one of a kind mostly off road challenge that encompasses the most challenging terrain Florida has to offer.

The Florida Divide,

Starting in either Fargo Georgia OR Conecuh Forest Alabama, ending in Flamingo Florida or Key west,

IF a rider chooses to ride from Alabama to Key west, that is 1500 mostly off road journey.  May I note, the LONGEST Single State Bikepacking Route in the NATION!

This year was the second running of the event and I rode from Alabama to Key west, and in one fail swoop did more then enough miles to qualify for my cup of dirt.

It was a once in a lifetime journey, filled with buff untamed singletrack that traversed numerous deep ravines… The route also included about 1000 bridge crossings of all varieties… And there was rarely a day that passed that your feet didn’t get wet…. swamp hikes happened, hike a bikes happened, but through it all, I pushed on..

Once you get to the southern part of the state, the singletrack disappears and the challenges off endless miles of gravel, limestone and levee riding begins… The wind is relentless, the sun is constant and shade is a scarce commodity.

Of the 19 days I spent on the route, I slept inside 6 times, the rest of the time I camped using the gear I carried for the entire journey.

Coffee was consumed almost daily, trail side meals where common and although not a single over the counter medication was consumed, a bottle or two of whiskey were consumed for the prosperity of my posterior….
It was fun, beautiful, and grueling at times…But in the end… I can only remember the fields full of hundreds of fire flies… The beautifully deep ravines lined with sweet bench cut… The majestic views of the Suwanee river… The wonderfully generous people that tracked me down on the route or i met along the way… and finally, the sweet celebration of finishing something so huge…..

I submit the Strava link for verification and my application for my cup of dirt..

thank you for organizing something so cool,  It is appreciated, and as always if your ever in Florida, let me know, we will be glad to show you a kick ass time!!!”


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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