The Cup O’ Dirt is a  year long challenge of completing a dozen or half a dozen dirty centuries. Everybody who completes this challenge will be rewarded with a custom hand-made stoneware mug. There are several ways to qualify…

  • Ride 12 100-mile Centuries in the calendar year for the Full Cup O’Dirt – The Holy Grail!
  • Ride 6 100-mile Centuries in a calendar year for a Cup O’ Mississippi Mud
  • Ride 12 100-Km Centuries in the calendar year for a Half-Liter O’Dirt
  • Ride 6 Metric Centuries (100K) on snow trails (Not roads) between Nov. 1 and May 31 (we’re flexible on these dates – basically winter of 2019-2020) and earn a Cup O’ Snow.Do any of the dirt ones on a fat bike and you’ll get a special Fat Cup. (We’re assuming you’re already doing the snow one on a fat bike… so…)

The Cups all look pretty much the same – with the exception of the Cup O’ Snow and Fat Cup. They’ll reflect the means in which they were obtained.



Is it possible to obtain more than one cup in a year? Yes, but you must register for each.

Do I need to register when I do my first ride? Nope – you can keep track of your rides and register when you submit them. Honor system here – we just want you to ride a bunch – to expand what you thought was possible, so to speak.

When do my rides need to be submitted? We give you until mid-January to send your rides in (with the exception of the Cup O’ Snow – send those in by the end of May and we’ll get you your cup!)

If I earn a Cup – when can I expect it? The Cup O’ Dirt is like a fine wine or a good draw of whisky aged to perfection…. Ideally, we’ll order each hand crafted mug in late January and mail or hand deliver (to those doing events we happen to be at – generally in central Iowa…) in March. These dates are subject to change, like if we happen to be in Alaska through the end of March for the Iditarod or something crazy like that…. Follow us on the Facebook for updates and such.

Qualifying Rides

Ride 100 miles or kilometers in a day – 80% of it on dirt – and it counts towards your total goal. It can be a race or just a ride – the dirt can be anything but concrete or asphalt…. grass, dirt, gravel, rocky trail, wooded single track, snow – whatever.

Centuries can be completed over multiple days – but must be a continuous effort- like a 24 hour race, DKXL or Continental Divide like race or ride.

Centuries can be completed back to back – like the Dirty Kanza 200 or Arrowhead 135 (that would be a double metric century). So, a 200 miles ride equals two standard centuries, or three metric centuries, but not both.

You can ride any bicycle you want.

Submitting Your Rides

Qualifying ride info can be submitted several ways – we’re on the honor system here…

  • Send us a brief write-up about your race or ride – be as creative as you like.
  • Send us some photos of your ride and any comments you’d like to include.
  • Submit a garmin (or similar).
  • Submit results if it’s a race.

This is more about the spirit of the challenge than strict rules. We trust our fellow dirt riders. Sure you can probably trick us into sending you an unearned cup, but anything you drink out of it will forever be tainted with the bitter taste of lies!

**We may post your pics, poems, routes, results, videos etc. on our blog on this site or facebook or instagram – so keep it clean (that was kind of a joke… cuz dirt…) and if you don’t want it posted, let us know when you send it in. Thanks! 🙂

Entries should be submitted via email to dmable122@gmail.com

Ready to Join? Click Here and Click the Cup O’ Dirt Icon!

21 thoughts on “The Details

  1. Two quick questions. First, do we count rides during the calendar year (e.g., I just finished Triple D), or only during a specific time window? Second, when submitting rides, do we wait until the end of the year with a final tally (per the Dave G. blog entry) or send in each one as we go, with your team doing the tally?



    1. Good questions, Matt! The challenge is to complete the rides in the calander year, so anything between Jan 1 and Dec 31 counts toward your total.
      Rides should be submitted as they are completed. Anything done prior to the registration opening on Feb 2 can be submitted then. Thanks!


  2. Haven’t signed up yet, but going to. One question, does any route distance, between 100k & 100 miles count as a metric, or does it have to be as close to 62 as possible??


      1. Long time in replying, but sweet. Some routes will take 70-80 miles to get to 80%….wanna be honest in the submissions. See ya next month.


  3. Hey cup o dirt dudes…2017 is fast approaching and I have big Miles planned. A question for you guys….is there a possibility to win more than one cup a year, such as 12 centuries, or 24 100kers. Just curious.


    1. Hey Danny, as of now it’s just one cup per year. If you choose to ride more qualifying rides, we’ll still record them in your total, but you’ll be rewarded in thumbs up and high fives after the cup is earned. Thanks!


    1. Hey Jason, Dave just got back from CX Nationals and will be sending the first batch of cups out this week. The second round will go out as soon as we know we’ve got all 2016 submissions in.


  4. Just curious. After this weekend, I will have a total of 8 metric centuries and four imperial centuries. Does that mean I qualify for the Cup O Dirt at that point because I’ve exceeded the requirements for 12 metric centuries? Or, do all 12 rides have to be in the same Metric bucket, even though I’ve actually ridden more than enough miles? By the end of the year, this may not make any difference, but for now, it would be nice to feel secure in knowing that I definitely have my cup coming to me. Really looking forward to getting my first Cup O’ Dirt.


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