Jason Chalks Up 2 More

2 more metrics for Jason D…

“Dirt Metric #5
Ouachita Challenge MTB Race in the Arkansas Mountains. I’ve done it before and had high hopes to have a PR. It is a rocky gnarly ride that expands 59 miles of mostly single track. There are a couple dirt road connectors and one paved stretch. My chain blew on blow out mountain and it took me a while to get it fixed. I finished, of course, but not in the time I hoped. I rode around paved streets for 3 miles to get the full metric. Total ride time was 6:42.

The Arkansas crew:


Dirt Metric #6
Gents Race 5.0 north of Des Moines. Ouch. Who would’ve thought such a flat gravel route could be so painful! 64 miles, 4:17

Gents team:


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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