A Katy Trail Mini Tour

“This weekend my buddy and I did a Katy Trail mini tour. We were not able to leave Columbia, Mo till about 6:30 pm on Thursday so we decided to just ride to Jefferson City and stay at my friends parents house that night. Friday’s ride took us from Jefferson City to Marthasville.

Photo: Brad Wilson via Bikekatytrail.com

This was about 70 miles of great trail time. There were quite a few clouds in the sky but luckily we stayed dry all day. We knew rain was coming that night so we found a great roof to hang our hammocks under. Since it was pretty windy as well, we tried to get our hammocks as high as possible so that the rain would not blow in and get us. This worked great! The next morning, we set out on a 55 mile leg down the trail. We rode the Katy to St Charles where we got off and took roads the rest of the way to Kirkwood where my parents live. The last 45 minutes of this portion brought us steady rains. Fortunately a hot shower and a warm meal was waiting for us. The next morning we rode to the Kirkwood train station and took the Amtrak back to Jeff City. From there it was another 40 mile trail ride back to Columbia. The weather on Sunday could not have been better so we decided to stop at Copper’s Landing for a trail side beer while listening to live bluegrass. What a great way to finish off the 205 mile trip!!”
-Brian K.


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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