A Wet ToDR

“James G. and James P. began the Pirate Cycling League Tour of Dirt Roads (ToDR), 88 miles of gravel and minimum maintenance roads in Otoe and Johnson Co. Nebraska on Saturday 5/23. It was raining lightly at the start, but quickly stopped. At least for awhile.


A group of four of us stuck together for the first 40 miles to Tecumseh, NE.

It was a very enjoyable ride through some scenic, and at times highly technical MMR.

Ghost towns and bandit crossing cut up roads.

Immediately after this photo was taken, the rain caught up with us again at mile 58. Shortly the MMR became unrideable and destroyed our pace.

Crashes and mechanicals forced the decision to abandon at the next checkpoint, or face completing the event on dark roads with no lights.
Sterling, NE. 64.06 miles. Our Tour is over. We called wives and girlfriends for extraction, and drank beer until they arrived.

Next year, man.”


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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