The Route Less Travelled

A quick update from Dallas W…

“Over the winter I had stitched together a 140 mile route of the finest and most challenging trail sections in the area.  The distance itself would be a challenge but considering the amount of loose gravel, sand, and ATVs included I know it would be a long day.  I asked my friend Keith, if he was interested and without hesitation, or second guessing he said yes. 

Keith and I have ridden a couple thousand miles of dirt and gravel together and I knew I could count on him to keep smiling even in the most difficult conditions.  This is important since there were sections of the GPS route that were simply drawn in to connect roads using aerial images and I no real idea what the surface was.
 Our first experimental section quickly turned into long stretches of 4 inch deep sand that filled our drivetrains and brought to speed to a crawl.


Keith said, “let the adventure begin” That was the the theme of the day. Adventure!


We took trails that we had previously overlooked, and found new connectors, and even more great gravel.


In the end, the toughest routes, and the longest days are always easier when sharing the work with a like minded friend.”


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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