Jon Takes on USAR Nationals

Jon V.  writes in…

“Number 7 turned out to be the USARA National Championship Adventure Race at Pine Mountain State Park in Kentucky.  The 30 hour race just crested the metric mark at 63 miles, although other people said they were closer to 70…  With all the mud and rain, I wouldn’t be surprised if my bike computer wasn’t working the whole time.


  The miles added up with the bulk of the dirt riding in an old strip mining area that was converting into an off road park for bikes, atv’s and 4WD vehicles.  It had rained for a few days before the race and rained pretty steadily the first 12 hours of the race, which included most of the biking.  The trails and roads were super muddy and we were reduced to a crawl at times and hike a bike at others.  One team came upon a Bronco that had literally flipped on it’s roof seconds before as the driver was crawling out of a window.  Another section had us climbing 1000 ft in less than 2 miles up a muddy fire road, only to come back down the other side of the mountain on an even steeper trail that vaguely followed a powerline.  25 hours and 39 minutes after the start we had a hard earned 16th place finish and were ready for the shower and a nap.”



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