Peter Rides The Big River Epic

“The day started with cracking open 3 double yoke eggs in a row. How cool is that?  Surely a good sign.  With the bike loaded, and Crosby,Stills, Nash and Young in the CD player I headed to Ursa for the 2nd time in as many years.   Upon arrival I  hooked up with some familiar faces  and  caught up on things during the rollout.

The route was going to be the same as last year so I was hoping to best my previous effort.  We left the winery  on CR 2250 and flew down the 1.5 mile hill to the river bottoms and then headed North.  Any thoughts of besting last year’s effort quickly dissipated as a 25+MPH wind came howling across the flood plain.  The next 30 plus miles would be zig zagging in and out of the bluffs, with my head down fighting the wind all the way to the town of Warsaw.  The problem with riding with your head down is that sometimes you miss your turnoff.

spirit knob

The second part of the ride was much more enjoyable.  With the wind at my back I was able to keep my head up, and along with others, enjoy the scenery and engage in some conversation.  Lots of rollers and several stream crossings gradually lead the course back to CR2250.


In this case, what went down must come up.  At the top of the hill and back at the winery the friendly folks from Q7 cycling were there to greet us with their hospitality and goodies.

As I headed home a slight 3 mile detour to Mark Twain Brewing Company in Hannibal, MO was in order.


All told the day included 70 miles, and a whole lot of fun.


Pete L.


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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