Neil’s LandRun Recap

More tales of red mud!

“This past weekend I rode in the Land Run 100.  WOW!! AMAZING!!  The energy surrounding this event was amazing.  Even at a rest stop on the way down to Stillwater I ran it some riders who were so pumped and we struck up a conversation.  The riders meeting, hanging out with new and old friends was great.  I tried to get to bed early the night before.  About 9 PM.  I unfortunately woke up at 1:30 and could not get back to sleep.  I woke up with a sore throat, coughing up some phlegm.  I was worried my race was going to be finished before it even started.

I ran to Walmart at 5 to get a red bull and try to get some energy going.  I followed that with breakfast and another red bull.  By 7:30 AM I was running all over downtown because I had so much energy.  Great, I’m going to be ride, but how long until I just pass out before being up since 1:30 shuts me down.

Canon fire!  The race was off.  About 11 miles in mud and hike a bike.   That trend followed for a while.  There was a ton of walking in the mud I’d guess that I spent maybe 2 hours walking my bike.  It was brutal.  I will be honest I was struggling at times, but just knew that I had to get to Perry and the roads would get better.  Once I got through a majority of the mud I encountered one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had.  It went right across my forehead.  I’m so thankful I had tylenol in my bag.  If not my race would have been over at that point.  By the time I hit B road & the last section of hike-a-bike my head felt better, but my spirit was sucked out of me.  Thankfully i ran into my good friend and fellow Cup O’ Dirt challenger Charlie Patterson.  He was hurting too.


I got through the mud and waited on him and we decided to ride into Perry together.  As we approached Perry we decided to get in and out quickly, if we hit cut off time, and ride through to the finish together.

gravel guru

The second half was pretty easy compared to the first.  Physically I felt fine, and I kept on persevering with Charlie.  About 11 miles out Charlie flatted.  We got it changed in the dark and kept going.  Couldn’t leave my buddy alone.  Not after riding 65+ miles with him.

When we approached the finish line I was JACKED.  Jim Bruer was standing at the turn onto 7th.  I rode out by him to give him a hi-5.  All I could look forward to was my big hug coming from Bobby Wintle.  Bro-hug Lvl. 1000.  The hugs of Bobby had the power to suck all the pain from my body.    My shoulders didn’t hurt from carrying my bike, my legs didn’t hurt from 107.7 miles of riding and walking through muds and endless hills all I felt   All I felt were arms of love and encouragement that made me feel like I was a champ.  The best feeling I’ve ever had on a bike race.
I was even more encouraged to have my wife and two kids there along with my 3 brother-in-laws who drove up from OKC to help with the SAG as well as some friends from Kansas.

Land Run was amazing.  As I was riding, especially in the mud, I didn’t know if I would ever come back.  Right now a I can tell you there is NO DOUBT, I will be back.”

-Neil T.


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