Kevin Tackles Century #4

“This time of year I try to get at least one 100+ mile ride in every week.  Perfect weather, even with crazy wind in the spring.  This route is my go-to for 100 mile rides, going from NE Wichita to Peabody, KS and back.  Adding in the loop before heading west to home pushes the distance over 100 miles and adds some great rollers that really test your legs.

This was my view for most of the day. I encountered every possible type of dirt/gravel roads, rutted bare dirt, hard packed limestone, deep sand, and for some reason fresh golf ball-sized spread.  I really don’t know how some of the counties around here decide what to spread where.


Plenty of sand to go with the decent 16mph or so wind from the north.  Made me work for speed even on negative grades.



Farther north, the roads get better.  Rollers, varied road conditions, and perfect early spring views.


Unincorporated areas default to the “alphabet roads.”  Mine starts at Falcon and goes east as far as Remington.  I’ve always liked the “K” road.


Burn season is starting around here, but with the dry conditions and high wind Saturday I was surprised to see so many smoke plumes,  around 70 miles in I rode through one that had made it to the ditch and the wind was blowing embers across the road.  The heat radiating from the fires was intense.

So, just shy of 110 miles for the day.  I initially wanted more but started late, and by the time I made the turn west to head home I was pretty worn down anyway.”
-Kevin C.


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