Josh’s Gents Race

“I don’t know if I could have chose a more miserable day to log my first century of the year, but I guess it didn’t rain.

I had signed up for the Gents race with some friends, planning on logging it as one of my metrics, but one of my teammates asked if I wanted to ride down with him. I figured why not, since riding with someone always helps the miles fly by, and if I could ride home after, I’d be close to the full century. This was all decided a week in advance, and little we’re to know what the weather would hold in store for us.

I woke, the morning of the race, to 32 degree temps, and 25-30 mph sustained winds, with gusts topping 49 mph. The winds provided a nice push south towards Slater, but when we turned west, for the final 2 miles, we could barely maintain 10 mph, and it was all we could do, to keep our bikes on the trail.

After a brief break, to meet up with the rest of our team, and get registered, we were ready to head off, into one of the more grueling races I’ve done.

Surprisingly, I felt fresh, well fueled, and comfortable, for most of the race. 3 of my 4 teammates didn’t feel the same.

As others have said, we had a couple of long, crosswind, and headwind sections, right out of the gate, and by mile 15, 2 members were heading home.

Once off the headwind road, we were able to get some recovery, and try to make up for lost time. Unfortunately, we put another teammate into the red, and by the midway checkpoint, he was calling it a day.

My, lone remaining teammate and I pushed on, managing to join up with another group that was missing riders. We worked with them through the final headwind sections, to finish the race, unofficially.

After some rest and refueling, at the watering hole, I made my trek back home into the wind. The rest did me some good, because I didn’t hardly feel tired, yet the steady headwind, again, had me only managing 10 mph.

I was unsure on my mileage, so I meanders a little out of my way, into the wind, and finished with a nice tailwind for the remaining 4 or 5 miles home.

Definitely, one of my top 3, hardest 100 milers.”

-Josh M.


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