A Solo 100

“The ride started out hot,
but quitting I was not.
A planned solo route,
the distance was to be stout.
Doing large loops to make many a mile,
I thought myself clever with guile.
I turned the cranks for hours,
my will was not going to sour.

Off in the distance a storm loomed,
I though I was surely doomed.
The winds began to swirl and whirl,
my toes started to curl.
Still I kept pushing the pedals,
minding where there was shelter of metals.

Eventually the storm passed,
and left me unharassed.
I watched the sun set,
as it left me covered in sweat.

I finished my ride in the dark,
onlookers must have thought me a lark.
No matter, I did not sunder,
for I rode my solo hundred.”
– Jeff M.


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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