Danny Bags Metric #1

​”Hello, how ya doing, what a great day to be cycling.  Missed last years challege after shattering my femur last May, at the hip, I wasn’t sure I’d even be riding. Having friends just as crazy makes it ok. 4 of us, Jamie, Jerry, Sharon and I  showed up in Hillsboro Saturday ready to ride. The morning was cold foggy and gray. We all questioned our sanity but rolled out anyway.

 I planned the route everyone rolled their eyes, I promised no “B” roads but with rain 3 days prior 5 miles later they all knew I was a liar 😉. 99% of the road was dry but the last 100ft was a muddy disaster. 

Oh there was cussing cleaning then some grins we all persevered. The rest of the ride was anticlimactic but the headwind riding back was no laughing matter.

 Around mile 32 Sharon said enough so the three found pavement heading back to the trucks. I continued on determined not to falter, praying for no cramping or bad dogs for both spelled disaster. No cramps today and one dog I did kick and as I finished the route under sunshine strava said 66.4.

 With a smile on my face and sitting in the truck I thought to myself I may be slow but don’t suck.”

– Danny B.


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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