A Full Moon Metric

When Mother Nature gives a gift of spring like days, in February, you take it and ride. With mild temps and a full moon to boot, we started out with 7 @ 7:00 (4 of us chasing the cup), as we rolled out south into the farms and fields of Hill County Texas.

The moon popped up about mile #3, low and orange, a beauty to see.

The gravel was fast but a recent trip with a grader chewed up the B-roads that were smooth the week prior. Towards the end of the first loop, a bit of drama ensued, as a flat and a crash caused a few to say "that's that". As we rolled in for a quick rest at the end of loop 1, with the drama before I just knew we were done.
Nope no way Kristi and Sharon still wanted to play. So, with a shrug of my shoulders,  the "clicking" of shoes into pedals, our 7 became 3, we rolled into the night and out of sight.

The last loop, though uneventful except for some headwinds and crosswinds which parts to suck. Kristi, doing it all on her mountain bike, getting a little slower each mile, just put her head down and committed to finish the ride. The last 4 miles had a couple of good climbs, plus a sweet little downhill to cap off the ride.

 A 65 miler into the book for February gives Kristi her first and Sharon and I number 2, looking now into March to see what we can do."
-Danny B.

Cup O'Dirt Admin

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