Kevin Conquers Landrun100

“I’ll try to keep my Land Run report brief. To be honest a lot of it was a blur, particularly after the CP. Hopes of hanging on to faster riders quickly vanished and were replaced by just wanting to survive & finish. The cold & wet took its toll, particularly on my hands & my bike.  2 hours in my hands were useless clubs & I couldn’t get food or water without stopping.

I managed to get to the CP, missed my SAG guy but the awesome folks at the Panaracer/Stan’s tent took me in & got me going again. The rest of the race is foggy. I remember rain, I remember soupy roads that were still rideable, and only walking once or twice. Oh and the constant grinding sound of my brakes. They dragged most of the day.

I remember wanting to quit a few times, just flag down one of the support Jeeps & try to thaw out. But I just had to finish. Just keep pedaling… 70 miles, out of food. 80 miles, low on water. 85ish miles… is that a tent? With bartenders? Yup, 2 guys serving drinks in the mud. I grabbed a Snicker’s bar & water from them & an incredibly generous rider gave me a Clif bar. Man that was good. Back on the road. 90 miles. I remember stopping at the side of the road to fish a bottle out for a drink & almost passed out. I remember laying my head on my bars, totally drained & frozen. Then over the wind I heard music… and an announcer on a loudspeaker. Rod Stewart I think. Back on the pedals. 100 miles. Pavement. Turn. Turn. Finish! Best hug from Bobby, awesome patch, and spaced out…

Bobby & my friend Ryan ask if I need to go to the hospital. Did I look that rough? Just need to warm up. Ryan shuffles me off to an apartment over District Bicycles. Has to help me with my shoes, I can’t make my fingers work. Warm up, eat, eat more, and to watch more finishers & the podium ceremony.

A little over 9 hours to finish. I went in wanting a better time but considering the attrition rate finishing is more than enough.”

– Kevin C.


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