Pete’s Hairy 100

“This yeas ride had a total different venue than from previous years.  The event started at The Station House at  Katfish Katy’s just off the Katy Trail .  A definite stopping place to remember for future rides.  This yeas ride would head Eastward out of Huntsdale toward Jefferson City.  With the exception of about 6 miles on the Katy trail @ Jeff City  it was all new gravel for me.  Probably the most enjoyable section was the 7 miles or so traveling through the University of Missouri Ashland Wildlife Research area.  It was a sweet corridor of gravel lined with tunnel of trees with 2 low water crossings.

DSCN7276 (1)

It was nice to not have to travel through 2 foot deep water this time as has been the case much of the time this past spring.  Shortly there after the wind got a hold of my cue sheets.


Not to worry too much though. I got off course but eventually made it back toward the KT trail. As the day progressed and I started my trek back toward the finish the wind really picked up making the shelter provided by the KT very much welcomed.”

-Pete L.


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