Filling My Cup

“This past summer learned that there was a new brewery just an hour Northeast of me in Menard county  in the town of Petersburg.  That was reason enough to start planning a metric.  I finally got it in and just in time as the temps this week have finally taken a nose dive.  I had planned to get stated at the crack of dawn but a pretty thick fog delayed my start.


Early on there were a few times that the horizon seemed to simply disappear.  The fog finally lifted making room for the sun to warm things up.


The routes turned out to be void of hardly any traffic which was much to my liking.   I cant remember more that a half dozen or so vehicles crossing my path throughout the day.


I will no doubt be heading back to explore more roads and to sample a few more beers in 2018.  Until then, Cheers!

-Pete L.


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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