Josiah Bags #11

“This was a nice ride on the Prairie Spirit Trail from Ottawa, Kansas to Iola, Kansas, and back again, so a nice There and Back Again. This was my first time in the trail, and I must say two thumbs up (I am pretty good at riding no-hands so this is safe and okay).

Kansas City’s own indomitable (abominable?) Mr K organized the ride, and a goodly baker’s dozen set off in the freezing, barely post-dawn. The pace was a vicious 25+mph, and this poor grambler was summarily dropped by mile 5.
I regrouped with the younger brother, and we fought off toe-froze for the rest of the ride. On the return trip, we even felt bold enough to take some off-bike breaks to clear off fallen limbs.
The full round trip on the trail would come out to 130 or so, but bro and I turned around after the Velo+ Iola coffee and donut stop (big KUDOS to Velo+ Iola).
The expected headwind blew as hard as it pleased, but the excellent tree trail lining mitigated much of it.
All in all, I’ll say “I’ll be back”…”
-Josiah D.

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