2018 Rides, Rider Updates

Funk Bottoms Gravel Race

“Finished 100 miler #8 this past weekend. Here’s the skinny on the Funk Bottoms Gravel Race out of Big Prairie, OH. By mid-June, I had completed 7 of the 6 rides necessary to meet the Cup O’ Dirt Challenge.  I was feeling fairly accomplished and also fairly tired, but there was still an event on […]

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2017 Rides, Rider Updates

Funk Bottoms Gravel Ride

“Hey Guys, Last weekend  I  traveled to Lakeview, Ohio to take part in the Funk Bottoms Gravel  in  the North Central part of the state. This ride has been on my list for a long time.   The ride consisted of a 67.8 mile loop with just under 7000 feet of climbing. It was a perfect day […]

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