Funk Bottoms Gravel Ride

“Hey Guys, Last weekend  I  traveled to Lakeview, Ohio to take part in the Funk Bottoms Gravel  in  the North Central part of the state. This ride has been on my list for a long time.   The ride consisted of a 67.8 mile loop with just under 7000 feet of climbing. It was a perfect day with the temp hovering at about 60 at the start and topping out in the mid 70’s


The climbs were brutal and the descents were as about as much as I could handle.  One climb had me down to 2.4 mph.  On the other side however I topped out at 40.    I have not done that in a long while.  In addition to all the hills there was a mile section of hike a bike by design.

hike a bike

It was on private land with numerous water holes that were beyond my level.  There was also an unexpected roadblock from a tree that had fallen overnight during the storm.


The maps and course markings provided by the hosts Chris and Marc were outstanding.  Despite this, due to all the closed road and bridge out signs I felt like I was lost more than once.

Bridge out (1)

Northern Ohio  has some really beautiful riding opportunities.  If you get the chance this is a ride to put on your list.”

-Pete L.


Cup O'Dirt Admin

One thought on “Funk Bottoms Gravel Ride

  1. Pete L Thanks for that ride report. I am always looking for something to do over the 4th of July that usually includes going to the Beach which I haven’t done for 3 years lol Now that I want to do gravel grinding live in mid South Central Pa. I believe that this is closer driving distance than Kansas. lol


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