Team Smith Overachieves

“Howdy everybody.  This year I will be doing the challenge on a tandem with my daughter, she is 12. Team Smith(Keith and Ruth)


We are a little behind right now. The new ride wasn’t built till June 9th. Many thanks to everybody at District Bicycles for making it happen. So for our training plan and shakedown ride we did the 2017 Oklahoma freewheel gravel ride.


It was a great week of cycling and seeing friends. We we’re able to bag 5 for the week (couple days we’re a little short in mileage). We got 80,60,60,77,70 mile rides that qualified for the week.

The route and theme this year was the Chisholm trail. If you are ever able to do it take the chance and come along.”

-Ketih S.


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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