Despite some challenging weather, several riders marked off some more mileage towards their cup.

From Kristopher Williams


“I love the dirt. It doesn’t hurt. Although, my legs are tired, I am wired. I just rode the furthest I’ve ever gone, and I now am done.”


The file shows a serious drop in heart rate about 55 miles, where we assume he died and was revived to finish the distance. Way to stick with it!


“A metric century plus a few extra miles thrown in just to be sure with my buddy Jim Huth. He has conned me into doing these crazy rides, and because I succumb to peer pressure so easily I go all in. Today’s ride started at the Wolfskin Volunteer Fire Dept. outside Watkinsville, GA. We rode through the Oconee National Forest where we saw the remains of a controlled burn by the USFS. We then headed over to the Scull Shoals Experimental Forest where the old Scull Shoals Mill, and an old U.S. Army Fort once stood. The remains of the main fort building are in the last picture. This is the longest ride I’ve ever done, and I’m worn the hell out.”


Cup O Dirt Challenge 2/14/15

From Brian Kukla:

“Today’s gravel ride was a 70 mile race/rally called the Rocheport Roubaix. Temperatures started at about 10F and made it as high as 20F. The course started in Rocheport, MO and headed east past Columbia towards Ashland before turning around for the much appreciated tail wind. The gravel was very hard and frozen which caused for some quick spinning. The ride ended at a small cafe in Rocheport with warm food, cold beer and good race-story-laughs! Overall it was a great day.”

Nice job, Brian! I rode that as well and it was a cold hilly course. The warm chili at the finish was a little glimpse of heaven.

Keep up the good work everyone!


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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