A Frozen Wisconsin Metric

Dallas Wynne writes in…

“The Northern Wisconsin gravel season began in February this year. 

On February 25th we braved the single digit temps in the remote wilderness to attempt our 1st 100 miler of the year. Our ride was also intended as a recon ride for the 4th annual Mammoth Gravel Classic that is scheduled for April 18th.

After fueling up on a hearty plate of biscuits and gravy, we drove north to Wolf Creek Bar on the Sothern edge of the Sand Barrens.  The temperature was 3°as we began pedaling north into a headwind.  The Barrens are desolate wilderness that gives you the feeling being hundreds of miles from civilization.   After the Barrens we passed through the twisting roads and immense marshes of the Fishlake wildlife preserve.  Our 29ers fitted with 2.2 tires worked well with the consistent mix of frozen gravel, ice, and snow.

WC to Crex 1

At 10:30 we stopped in Grantsburg, WI to add new toe warmers to our shoes, and pour down some sugary gas station cappuccino.  We pedaled farther north to loop the Crex Meadows wildlife area.  Crex is a worthy destination itself with 30,000 acres of wildlife preserve filled with endless roads and trails to explore.

Crex (1)

At the 50 mile mark we finally made the turn to the south and immediately felt the tailwind begin to push us home. The air was a crisp cold 10° but felt much more pleasant without the wind in our faces.  

WC to Crex 2

By 4:20 we had reached our vehicle.  Due to several snow filled, un- passable trails, we left part of the course for another day, we completed only 88 miles.”

Great job guys! We have no doubt that biscuits and gravy make good winter training nutrition.


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