A Soggy Canadian Metric

Lennard P. writes in with his first metric…

“Awoke this morning at 5am to the first day of spring with my first
dirt century of the year planned, only to find it pouring rain outside
– this was going to be a muddy one! Riding dirt in Kamloops BC means
climbing out of the valley, as all the roads along the valley bottom
are paved. So I started at sunrise with a nice , now muddy 3000+ foot
kick in the groin over the first 30km.


The idea was to make a loop
down a different logging road at 45km but there was more snow and ice
than expected up high, forcing me to turn back the way I came, and making
for a fast decent and a mud splattered face!


86km upon hitting the pavement, so I had to push on for a little along
the valley bottom to round out the metric century.


Cold, wet and long – but any time on a bike is a good time!”


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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