Neil’s Magic Carpet Ride

This just in from Neil T.

“Music on shuffle
Riding another metric
Oh CRAP, Let it Go!

There is a story to that Haiku.  I went out really early this past saturday morning.  I was about 7:30 when I got out an the sun was just rising.  It was a brisk 32 degrees with the wind chill.  I wanted to get out early this day for a advertisement photo that was happening at 10 so I didn’t mess with playlists I just put the music on shuffle and went.

I rode my first 35 miles and then I met up with the to group of American Family Insurance riders from last years DK half pint for a photo that will be appearing in and advertisement in this years DK magazine.  I really didn’t want to stop.  I was averaging about 15 mph at this point, but I also knew that soon enough I was going to head back east into the wind and that would drop a bit.  I stripped off my cold weather clothes it was only about 45 degrees outside at this time and we took the picture.


I jumped back on the bike, put the music on.  About two minutes later the shuffle of music on my phone my phone thought it was a fantastic idea to jump into the wonderful songs I have on my phone for my five year old daughter and play a Frozen song (picture of the true excitement on my face included).  I’m so thankful I was a good distance from the guys and they couldn’t hear it, or me singing it out. (J/K)  That wasn’t the end of it.  A few songs later an Aladdin song comes on and I’m in a whole new world.  Thankfully that was the END of it.


The east wind knocked me down a bit.  I still finished up my metric at my best average speed this year.  Doing my best to gear up for the Tour of Hermann (I’m signed up now)!!!”

Well done, Neil. Nothing like a Disney Princess rally mid-ride. See you in Hermann!


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