An Easter Trifecta

  Keith S. marked off 3 more Texas metrics last week!

“You could say I had a good week on the bike. Got me three 60’s back to back to back. Nothing to really write about just some great training rides. The first picture is in the little town of Morgan, the made it to be the perfect stop.


I only leave the gravel for about a mile. The next is a view that caught my eye. I hit warp speed on the down hill and just about ate it.


You can see a beautifully restored school house in Eulogy and then what happens when people don’t wait for the road to dry and it gets really mean rock hard ruts.



A really cool old bridge from the old road.


The Iast I took of the bike because she rode all week flawlessly.


I did come to one realization, when you ride gravel you get to use all of your biking skills. In three days I got to fight the wind like I was time trailing, climb in my lowest gear like climbing specialist, go down hill like a mt. biker, and just hang on the drops without a car to be found. I only passed 5 cars. I did see my first rattler of the year a nice 5 footer.”


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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