Good Friday for a Ride

Trevor H’s first metric of the year…

“I went out for my first metric of the Cup o’ Dirt Challenge last Friday. Earlier in the week, I let me friend Matt know of the plan and he was up for a long Good Friday Ride.


The ride was a mix of wind, wind, and more wind.  We started the ride heading out and behind the Corpus Christi Botanical gardens.  There is a “hidden” dirt section there that opens up the dirt road possibilities, so we were happy to take it and add a couple miles. Due to the recent rains, we had to reroute into a plowed field with a small jeep road. Next thing I know, Matt is flying in the air next to me and his front wheel is fork deep in the mud. After a few minutes of cleaning mud, we were back on the dirt and heading out to the wide open road.



I had a route in mind, but every chance I had to reroute and try a new road, I would.



 This is the best time of year to ride in Texas with all the wildflowers and cooler temperatures (it only reached 89 on the ride). It was a great ride and I am glad I signed up for this challenge.”
66 miles in 5:08:19


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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