Will Ride for Quality Baked Goods

An update on 2 more metrics from Melissa…

“Late in January I was itching for another long ride.  Due to spotty weather and crappy MTB trails, I was having trouble finding buddies to ride.  When I woke up feeling more introverted than usual, cranky about my ride options involving icy singletrack, I decided I’d ride solo that day.When I get in that sort of mood it’s better for everyone involved if I keep to myself!

I wasn’t really in the mood for biking but told myself I just had to get on the bike and get out the door, and then I was allowed to turn around whenever I wanted.  I would end up at my favorite donut shop in Cannon Falls, MN at the halfway point if I did the whole route. I am VERY motivated by food, especially quality baked goods.

After I got out and settled into a rhythm, I hit that wonderful meditative state that is often brought on by an hour or so of steady, methodical pedaling.  I was startled out of it by a German Shepherd chasing after my rear wheel.  Whoops.  He gave up quickly and I told myself I’d have to select a new route next time I did this loop.  Friendly farm dogs are awesome, German Shepherds that embark on a sneak attack are not cool.

A bit later I stopped for a nature break and to eat a banana, and as I was looking around and getting ready to ride out again, I noticed something coming towards me from the way I had just been.  I thought no way in heck is it a biker, it’s January and somewhat dreary out today — it must be a rural runner.  Imagine my surprise when I figured out it was another cyclist!  I think I have never been so excited to come across a fellow biker as I was that day!  We rode together for a while, my legs and energy boosted by the companionship.  We parted ways outside of Cannon and I headed into the donut shop.


I ordered two donuts and two coffees and bolted all of it down.  I jumped back on the bike and was startled by how chilled I had gotten.  I made an emergency pit stop at a gas station and breathed a sigh of relief when I found hand warmers.  My fingers were so non functional that the gas station attendant saw my struggles and offered to help shove the warmers in my gloves!  Oh the embarrassing things we do in the name of cycling.

On the return trip home I was terrified to see sheets of glare ice covering much of the gravel.  The sun had sufficiently thawed large sections of the road, only for it to refreeze in beautiful but deadly swaths of ice.  I would hold my breath and roll through the icy sections, trying not to flinch or pedal or make any sudden movements.  I crossed over a county line and the gravel got much better.  I wonder if some counties use salt on their gravel roads and others not?


This route was so much fun (and the donuts so rewarding) that I did it a second time in March, this time with a friend.  Do you think I remembered to reroute to avoid the German Shepherd?  NOPE.  And have you ever seen two teeny tiny Cannondale SuperX’s in the same place before?


  I think not!  They’re quite rare. ;-)”


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