Lone Wolf at the Gent’s Race

The first metric falls for Jacob S.

“Last weekend I kind of hijacked the Gent’s Race up in Iowa.  The group I normally ride with had a full team and I couldn’t find another spot.  I didn’t want to feel left out so I showed up late, threw a $20 in the donation jar and grabbed a cue-sheet and off I went.  Visiting from out of town I had a little more fun than I should have the night before so I was late and missed my buddies.  I took off solo and headed straight into the wind and immediately remembered I left my inhaler in the truck.  Normally not an issue but fighting wind from the start had me struggling a little and I debated turning back.  Luckily after a few miles we turned north out of the wind and I settled into a good pace. 

The course was relatively flat although quite sandy, it was a good steady grind.
At a stop sign about twenty miles in I was chatting with some folks from Nebraska who shared their flask of fireball with me.  Helped take the edge off being solo!  About ten miles later I found my group at the check point and enjoyed a tastey Busch Lt with them.  I rode most of the way with them with the exception of dropping off to refill my bottle at a farmer’s hydrant. 
While I wasn’t an official racer I did get to enjoy a few post race beverages with my crew and other quality folks. 

I was supposed to have my first metric under my belt at the Big River Epic in March but broke a derailleur.  I’ll settle for four weeks late.  This weekend I hope to get my first two full’s at Tour of Hermann.”


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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