Jacob vs. Cedar Cross

“Last weekend I did the Cedar Cross in Jefferson City.  100 miles seemed doable, no crazy climbing like Herman.  Weather looked good, what could go wrong right?

This was my first real ride on my new Raleigh.  Love the bike and it did great on the gravel sections.  The cow pasture, horse trails and single track made me wish I didn’t own a bike. 

At one point I wondered if I knew anyone in the area that would extract me?  Luckily I didn’t so I kept going.

 My legs actually felt good until mile 100 or so and I struggled through the last dozen miles and as soon as I heard the cowbells at the finish and got my first high five I forgot all about all of the pain.  I mean, if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun right?  

Really though, I had so much fun I went out for another 45 on Sunday when I got back to Quincy. 

Until next time!”
-Jacob S.


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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