Neil Takes on Maisie’s Pride

“This metric was part of the Maisie’s Pride race in Eskridge, KS.  The first 10 miles were mixed with CHUNKY rocks and mud..  About 9 miles in you hit what is known as “the road”.  Come out for next years ride to find out about this.  I can’t spoil the surprise that is that road.  

A picture of “the road” This is a very tame section of it. Can’t spoil it. Come out for next years Maisie’s Pride Race. It is a great race for a great cause.

By the end of “the road” my back tire was mudded up and not spinning any more.  I spend about 15 minutes getting the mud out of it, but was honestly having fun.  I got going and had a good ride into the checkpoint in Alma.  I was about middle of the pack at this point.  I took way to much time at the check point.  Something i usually don’t do.  I got back on the course, and then quickly got off course.  

I took a wrong turn which cut off about 10 miles of the course.  I didn’t realize it until it was to late.  I honestly thought about calling it quits at that point.  I had 52 miles in 5000 feet of elevation climbs, brutal cramps and was going to end up taking a DQ even if I finished the remainder of the ride.  I contemplated for a while before getting back after it.  I went on for another 6 miles making it up to Little Egypt road.  Think of the side of a pyramid, that is what it is like riding up that road.  After 4 miles of little Egypt I was able to get past that point and got to a flatter area.  That is when the lightning started.

Bummer.  Even with pushing on there was going to be no more riding.  The flint hills jeep club, who provided support through the whole race, was called in to pick up riders for their safety.  I ended up with 64 miles, a frustrated missed turn, and still over 6200 feet of elevation climb.  Lots of lessons learned today.  Some excellent training and another metric to get to #6 and halfway home for the challenge.”

-Neil T.


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