Heat, Headwinds, and Heifers

“James Garis, Eric Wickizer, and James Phillips set off at 6:48 on Sunday, May 3rd to accomplish our 1st Metric for the COD challenge. This was the same day as the Lincoln Marathon, temps were warm and humid. Our ride to Malcolm was uneventful, we had a reasonable tailwind, and made good time.

After leaving Malcolm, we encountered two cows loose on McKelvie road (The McKelviecoaster), which unfortunately, chased us to the highway. As a result, the Nebraska State Patrol now follows me on Twitter. yay.

The heavy headwind we faced heading out of Milford, went away when we became wrapped up in an early afternoon thunderstorm, which thoroughly soaked us. I don’t have pictures of that part.

We were pretty shagged, wet, and cold afterwards. Good news, the storm killed the wind.”


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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