Neil vs. The Puncture Gods

Neil writes in…

“I was so pumped last weekend to finally get another metric.  I posted on the page that I was going for one.  It was going to be a good day.  I had a charity ride Saturday morning.  70 miles up by Elkridge, ks.  I woke up about 5, made breakfast and all the sudden heard this rumbling.  I checked the radar and saw that there was a huge storm north of Emporia.  Before I knew it the flood gates opened up and it was pouring.  At that point I sat down on the couch and started to fall asleep.  I love sleeping to the sound of rain.  A few friends that were going to do the ride woke me back up with their text messages asking if I was still going to go.  I told them probably not.  At this point the rain stopped and I was considering going, but we had about an inch of rain pretty quick.  I decided to drive up to Eskridge and see how the roads were.  By the time I had arrived, at 7:55 just before the race was supposed to start the roads were in good shape and the air was cool from the morning rain.  However, that morning rain discouraged a lot of people from coming that day.  In fact there were so few of us that no one who was supposed to do the 70 mile ride showed up.  Bummer.  Guess I would have won that by default had I taken that route.

Instead of doing the 70 mile ride I decided to do the 40 with the few people that decided to show.  I rolled through that 40 with no issues got back to town, refueled and headed right back out to get in about another 25-30 and a metric.  8 miles in my back tire get squishy then flat.  CRAP!!  I changed the tube, only to find that the tube I just put in already has a hole in it.  AHHHHHHH!!!    I rip that tube out, toss it and the CO2 cartridge that I wasted trying to fill a tire that already had a hole in it and got another tube out.  I start to fill that one up, but my new CO2 cartridge is a dud, it hardly had any air pressure in it.  You HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.  I didn’t bring my hand pump because I’m an idiot and so now I’m 48 miles into my metric, 8 miles out of town, and out of air.  On top of that it is getting hot.  The temp had risen to about 100 degrees not including the heat index.  I grabbed my phone to get a ride.  DOUBLE CRAP, no cell service.  It was time to hike a bike.  I started walking my bike back to town in the heat.  I finally got a section with service was able to get in touch with my wife who came and picked me up.  I was so mad I didn’t get that metric. 

So this last Saturday I decided to give it another try.  I left out of Emporia heading out the DK route.  It was early in the morning there was a little fog and dew remaining.  About 200 feet onto the gravel I felt a little spray coming up at me.  I assumed it was just some moisture from the gravel.  I stopped, checked my tire, it was holding air and went on.  About a mile later my tire was flat.  UNBELIEVEABLE!!  I’ve ridden 4000+ miles in the past two years and only had 1 flat in all that time and now I’ve had two flats past two weekends.


I really didn’t want to get back on the bike.  I almost headed home and got back in bed.  I wasn’t going to keep going, at least not for another 60 miles if I was going to have this happen.  My bike was covered in green slime, my legs has a decent amount on them as well.  I pushed on through the first 25 miles, which was my hilliest section of the ride.  After that I headed east at a pretty decent clip.  The morning was beautiful.  The weather was great so I decided to stretch the ride out.  My tube was holding air, I wasn’t having any nutrition issues.  Things were going pretty well and things were uneventful the rest of the ride.  I came back into town at a pretty decent pace averaging just over 15mph for 64 miles. 

8 metrics down, 4 to go.”


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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