Another Cup Earned!

Lennard P. checks in…

“Went on my final bikepacking trip of the season this past weekend to finish of my 12 centuries before the snow flies up here. Did a 260km ride of which the first 200+ was all gravel and doubletrack around Adams Lake in central BC, over a pretty remote small forest service pass with some rather frequent and fresh grizzly sign all over (made for a spectacle with a lone cyclist singing out loud while pedalling as fast as possible through the wilderness) to the small town of Seymour Arm. I camped there on the beach before heading out for another 50 km of gravel followed by 50km of pavement along the Shushwap back to the car. Oh, did I forget to mention that it was pouring rain pretty much the whole time I was out there with some serious wheelsucking mud for the most part!! Still made for some amazing sights and any time on a bike is a good time right…?”







Cup O'Dirt Admin

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