2 More Metrics for Neil T.

“Metric #10 was the Big Ring Hondo in Augusta, KS on September 26th. I felt great going into this race. It was only 2 weeks after the Pony Express 70 miler that I came in 5th place on. This race was rough out the gate. The roads were just leaving people with flats left and right. I was very lucky to not have one as I progressed on through the race.


As I got to the first checkpoint in Eureka, KS I felt good. I was a little tired, but was doing decent. I swapped out drinks really quick and got back on the road. I don’t know what happened after that. I got extremely sick. I’ve never felt sick to my stomach on my bike. I was dizzy and struggling to stay upright. I pulled over a few times before pushing on a bit further. After a climb I was done. It was getting really hot and I was on the side on the road trying not to puke and burping up a lot of junk. My Garmin showed afterwards a 10 degree jump in temp to 88 degrees that day. A thermostat on the side of a farm house I was invited into to get a cold glass of water said it was 92. Not typical September weather. I don’t know if it was heat exhaustion, some bad food or what, but I was done. I have never felt that bad and hope I never bad again on a bike.

Metric #11 was November 2. This was all about training. I signed up for the Land Run 100 and have not been riding much since the Big Ring Hondo. Since it was my first official Land Run 100 training ride I had to wear my District socks.


I only rode 122 miles in October, 38 of which were on the final day of the month at JAGGeR, a race up by Eskridge, KS, which I was not ready for. I went out with the intention of riding a while, it was a nice mid-70’s day with winds at about 10-15 mph. Not bad. I completed my metric, which is what I wanted to do, but it was a struggle.


Riding that little in October really put my legs in sleep mode. It was definitely eye opening. I did have fun on this ride. I took some flat roads for a while, then progressed to some hilly sections. The finished with a little stretch of easy single track at the end. 1 more metric to go.”


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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