28 Degrees in Sun Valley

Jacob S. takes his show on the road for Rebecca’s Private Idaho…

“So, another late update, this fall has been a little crazy.  Over labor day a friend an I made the journey to Sun Valley, ID to ride bikes on new gravels.  Major bummer was when my friend wrecked her mountain bike the week before coming away with a broken (?) hand.  She is pretty gnarly though and never went to the hospital, even made the trip hoping she might be able to ride.

Idaho is a long drive but we made it, Ketchum rocks, food was good, beer was good, people were great and our AirBnB was ideal for the trip.  Sun Valley had all the scenery of resort towns without the snobby locals waiting for us to leave.  We explored a bit and I went out to chase some single track solo since my buddy couldn’t ride.  I basically found and trailhead and pedaled up hill until it got too steep and all I was doing was spinning, you know, because I have so much power and all.

Race morning was cold! It was knocking on 100 back home but up in the Sawtooth’s it was a brisk 28 at start time.

As I checked in I was told the timing chip went on my left fork which was great because I forgot my right one at home! Finally they started and I could work on warming up as the ride started with a climb straight up a moutain.  I got to the top and ignored the rest stop and bombed straight down.  With a tailwind and slight downhill I was really cooking on my hardtail which maybe had 100 miles on it before this weekend.  Cp 2 came and again I blew by it thinking of all the time I was gaining on those fools.  At CP 3 I stopped for my obligatory Red Bull and a potato.  While enjoying the two treats I realized I had been focusing too much on trying to go fast and not enough on how awesome this ride was.  The fact that Neil Shirley crushed by going back in, 30ish miles ahead of me.

From that point I took it easy, there was some headwind, some gradual climbs and lots of scenery.  At one point I was dodging cattle while grinning ear to ear about how much fun that gravel was.  On the way back in we hit the check points in reverse and I took my time chatting with volunteers and locals.  Cp3 and Cp2 came and went and then I started the climb back up the mountain. The sign about steep, narrow and winding roads not maintained for vehicles might be my favorite yet.  This climb, 80 miles in, made me thankful for my mountain bike gearing.  I took my time and enjoyed another Red Bull, though I didn’t try any more teters.  The last 12 mile bomb back into Ketchum was rough and fun, thanks to my bigger tires and suspended fork I was able to let loose and passed quite a few people.

Back in Ketchum the post ride party was sponsored by Lagunitas and Patron among others.  Great time, good band and Galandaquaffing or whatever you call it.

Took the scenic route home and drove through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.  Also took Hwy 20 across Northern Nebraska which is much better scenery than I80.

All in all a great trip and I would recommend it to anyone without a broken hand!”


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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