Renee Rides 6 Hundos

Renee earns her cup!

” I had a great year visiting new places, riding some new gravel with some great people on two wheels.

Its been a while since I recorded my miles with you, so please forgive me if I duplicated some of my efforts.

Tour of Hermann – 100 miles


Training ride on the trail to Herman (march 28) – 100 miles

Bocomo Fondo – 80 miles

Hairy Hundred – 103 miles – 2nd place woman finish

Dirty Kanza – 74 miles Disappointing 1st Check point finish

Trail Training Ride August 2nd, 2015 – Columbia – Pilot Grove – 102 miles


Rebecca’s Private Idaho – Big Potato 93 miles – another 8 back to the campground

Cuban Gravel Crisis – 102


Bocomo Fondo

What a great ride through the beautiful countryside of Boone County (and parts of Howard Co.) Missouri. Even better when we are riding for a cause – West/Midwest Spinal Cord Injury fund in support of John Bowders.

Hairy Hundred

​​Gravel grind to start the season.  Super Kate and I at the start – finished the day in 2nd place – chasing Super Kate

Dirty Kanza

What a disappointing year for this ride.  I had high hopes for a solid finish with a faster time than the previous year.  Following the long hike through the mud, riding in the deep mud, the shifting started to fail and my time was not what I had hoped for.  Knowing that I would have a hard time making the cutoff to the next checkpoint with questionable shifting, I chose to call it a day at Checkpoint #1.

Training Ride in the Trail

Another gravel training ride with company.  This was one of my better days on the bike as I had a friend who jumped in as I was nearing the end of the ride.


My friend who is fighting the overweight battle decide to take on the bike this year; how I love watching friends enjoy 2 wheels just as much as I do.  I love seeing her fitness get better with every ride she does.  The pace may have slowed down, but I needed a rest.  The experience on a bike with other is way more entertaining and memorable.  Cheers to more training rides with a friend.


Rebecca’s Private Idaho

What a place to ride!!!  I want to go back….I rode everyday leading up to the big ride which I learned may not have been such a good idea.  The day of RPI; my legs were cashed, it was a chilly start to a beautiful day and I had caught an upper respiratory bug that would try to be the death of me with every climb.


With a good friend and the will to never quit – RPI complete.  What an emotional ride…I’ve never dug such a hole for myself physically on the bike before and the awe inspiring view we were surrounded by. This is definitely a ride I would love to do again.



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