First Ride Report of 2016!

Eric J gets a the jump on 2016 with his first metric!

“First one is in the books.  Found some mud on a couple serious B roads early on.  A little hike-a-bike was involved….   Didn’t have a route planned out just wanted to make it happen.  The breeze was supposed to turn later in the afternoon so I was trying to take advantage of that.

046 (1)

After the mud decided I needed to stay on the sanded roads and decided to head towards The Castle.  Stopped through Lindsborg to top off the bottles.  First two pictures are at Coronado Heights.  It was in the mid 50’s and no jacket needed for the afternoon.


After The Castle headed over to the little town of Bridgeport as I hadn’t biked there before.  First time I had ever seen the historical Salina camping sign.


Found a few new roads and then turned south to head home.  Ohio St./18th is a little on the hilly side.  With the last two days being unseasonably warm about 80% of the gravel had been freshly graded over the last two days.  😮  I’m about an hour out and it’s time to put on the jacket and turn on the lights.


It was a bit on the slow side but a super afternoon out on the bike.  Here’s the Strava link…”

Well done, Eric


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