Pete’s Tour of Hermann

“2 days/5 loops/ 200 miles

Anyone that has ridden in Missouri knows that you can go from 40+MPH to 5-MPH pretty darn quick.  That is just what the Tour of Hermann was.  A repeated series of heart pounding climbs, followed by white knuckled descents, sprinkled with just enough river valley and ridge riding to let you catch your breath and take a few pictures.


The ride was set up to do three different 30 +loops on Sat and two different 50 + on Sunday.

Day 1 I chose to make the 2 ½ hour drive up early Sat.  Got there with more than an hour to spare which was plenty of time to decide what to wear. Knowing that I would be coming back to the van every loop I think I packed every type of riding clothes I owned.  Knowing that the adrenaline would be up I dressed 1 down from normal and still made changes each lap.

Even though it was called the ‘Tour” of Hermann there were still time cut offs.  I rode the first 2 laps hard to assure making the time cap.  After that it was picture time.



Day 2 was a different story.  Although the temps were up and the wind was down I woke up to a hard rain.  Due to the continued threat of severe weather the tour director uped the ante on the first loop cut off by 1 hour.  OK, I said I can still do this. 


However About 8 miles in to the ride storm # 1 broke out.  I don’t do lightning.  As the pack carried on I took refuge.  By the time the storm pass I realized my chance for the cut off was gone.  Not to worry.  I continues on course and then added a little out and back on the KT trail to get my mileage up to snuff for a metric.”

-Pete L.


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