Deleon Springs Gravel Ride

“Another Metric on the back roads of Florida, we got to cross several preserves and forest near and around Deleon Springs.

This nice loop was designed and promoted by the local riders,  a dozen of strong riders from the Florida Gravel powerhouses showed up for this one.

The main group of riders dropped me promptly at the first dirt road,they were taking it easy until the sprint points. HAHAHA!

The rest of the ride was a solo affair for me, later I did get to rescue one of the “Glands” with one of my two spare tubes.

Not too many critters on this ride, a doe and fawn, wild turkey, cows and calves and the usual snakes etc…

I had to stop and let quite bit of air our my tires just to get down some of the sandier roads.All was good until I got  worried about pinch flats. I attempted to pump up my back tire but the stem core kept coming out when I unscrewed my pump. Maybe rescuing that rider was going to bite me in the ass. Next I tried one of my CO2 cartridges but it was a dud ,finally  I managed to top off my tires with the second and last cartridge. Florida gravel is really mostly Florida sand and the wider the tires the better you will travel the soft stuff. I did get to see Emporia Florida that got me thinking of my DK200 ride a few year ago.

Funny how you only remember the good parts!”

-Eric C.


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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