Pete vs. The Epic

“The ride started at Cry Baby Campground.  It was a very appropriate name for the starting point of this ride.   I had originally planned to camp however as I began set up, the skies began to open up and the rain came down. I opted to just sleep in the van.  The rain continued all night which would make for some really interesting road conditions throughout the day.  There was standing water everywhere.  Every low water crossing was covered.

  There were several I chose to walk across.  Beside risking a fall, I did not see any benefit in giving my bottom bracket a bath.  There was one crossing that required everyone to dismount.  We were rerouted up stream via hike a bike and even then a rope had been tied across the stream for assistance in crossing.  Just another thing to make the adventure more interesting.

As the day progressed the Ozark hills began to take their toll on me.  Still ahead of me though was a bigger challenge than anything the hills could dish out.  Simply put, it was a   suspension bridge over Grand Auglaize Creek on Swinging Bridges Road.  The bridge is just over 500 feet and was built in1922. I had been thinking about this bridge all day long.  The reason?  Seven years ago I came to this same bridge and bailed.  I could not get myself to ride across.  I turned around and rode back to the car  like a whipped puppy.  So here I am again.  I stopped, took a picture and then it was  3, 2, 1, GO.  As I crested the apex the adrenaline rush was in full forceand my legs had been renewed.

When I got to the other side there was a little young lady holding a small bass in her hand.  She held the fish up proudly and said with a big grin on her face “My Grandpa catched it for me.”  It was a good day to be on a bike.”

-Pete L.


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