An Interrupted Lake Loop

“This was going to be a ride around Lake Okeechobee, which I’ve done several times, but last time was 3 years ago.  It’s about 118 mile loop around the lake on the dam, with the west side mostly very bumpy limestone road and deep grass, the south and most most of the east smooth fast gravel, and the north side mostly paved bike trail.   


I realized half way around that construction closures on almost all of the south  side would have put me on roads pretty much all the rest of the way around missing all the gravel, so at the 60 mile mark where I stopped for lunch, I retraced my path back the same way I had come for 120+ mile day.
The limestone road with up to tennis ball size rocks and  wheel grabbing grass, along with a tough headwind made for a tough return trip.


Around the lake,
without a break.

That was the plan,
in the trash can.

Grass and Rocks,
Dams and Locks.

Half way around,
and back again.

The return sure hurt,
worth it for a Cup-o-Dirt.”

-Dave H.


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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