Katy Trail Metric #2

Time to ramble….. I was up before dawn. I wasn’t sure what I should bring for food. COD #1 was warmer and bike stop cafe was open in down town St. Charles. That trip I didn’t bring anything but water. We were going the opposite way and it was 0745 when we left. So that meant anything I wanted I brought. A couple burritos and some peanut butter cookies. It was 30° and what felt like 15mph winds when we left. I don’t know if it’s because the leaves were gone or what, but it seems like every winter ride on the Katy the wind is howling. I layered up and brought my backpack this time. I stopped at the LBS earlier in the week. I wanted a new way to carry my spare tube etc under the seat. It’s not a saddle bag it’s an Outvi Possum Roll.

I believe a guy in KC makes them. Which is pretty local to me so that makes it even cooler. Any way I brought the backpack to carry food and a double of all my spare tube, levers, CO2 cartridges just incase I lost the new possum roll. I kind of stumbled through packing it and attaching it to the seat. A guy I raced the OT50 2017 showed me the Outvi. I don’t know if it’s irony or a coincidence but my Timbuktu saddle bag fell off mid race a couple hours later. I had to ride the rest of the race with my stuffed saddle bag in my jersey pocket. I don’t like carrying that much in my pockets. Although the Possum roll looks like everything will just fall out it worked flawlessly.

I rode with Steve and Kris. Half the ride was below 32 and frozen.

 In true Katy trail fashion the wind was brutal. When we turned around at half way everything thawed and had the wind at our back for a while.

Successful metric century! "
- Phillip H.

Cup O'Dirt Admin

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