100 Miles of Red Roads

I’ve knocked out a few metric+ rides this year, but I don’t like counting those. Saturday was by birthday & rather than take my chances on the KS roads that I know are still sloppy in places, I hit up my friends at District Bicycles in Stillwater, OK to see if they had a route they could share.

I met a local downtown & we got rolling. He stayed with me for the first few hours & split to go to work, leaving me to play in the wind. The first half of the day gave me a cool cross/head wind from the NW as I made my way to Guthrie. Some amazing roads on the route, lots of fast rollers, something not many visitors have experienced at Land Run due to its notorious mud. 

Didn’t need to refill anything so I rolled straight through Guthrie & started NE towards Perkins. Again some fantastic roads & views. 

Grabbed some questionable pizza in Perkins and started the last leg, swinging farther east & along the Cimarron River, then finished the last 18 or so miles straight west in to the wind, which has strengthened as the day went on. 

Have to say it was cool to see what these roads were like dry! Hopefully they stay this way in March.”

-Kevin C.


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