The Dirt(y) Pecan 150

“On a crisp and clear morning we rolled out of Monticello, FL for a not-so-short romp on the Georgia clay. The game plan was to hold a wheel as far as we could and then ease around the loop enjoying the sights. The first part of the plan did not last long past the neutral roll-out, as most were there for the 100-miler and on their racy bikes, while we were packed for a longer outing and riding the touring rigs. Never mind, it could not have been a more beautiful day and my legs felt good.



Georgia_roots (1)
We headed north through Barwick, GA and then turned south again to stop in Boston for a quick lunch. I skipped the fried chicken last year and was not going to let that happen again.
Lunch (1)
Eastbound after lunch we finally turned at Cherry Lake back in Florida and then rolled west back to Monticello, getting to town just after sunset.
Coming_home (1)
We covered 150 miles with 120 of them being dirt, so all-in-all a fantastic day on a fantastic route. I wish more participants would do the longer ride, since it’s such scenic countryside, you are only shorting yourself by not staying out all day.
Join us next year!
-Willem B.

Cup O'Dirt Admin

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