Pete’s Epic

I went down to Lake Ozark and the Cry Baby Camp Ground for another metric.  Last year I camped out and it turned out to be a real mess.  This year the forecast was even worse so I opted to live it up and get a hotel.  Good thing because it stormed pretty good that night.

At the pre ride briefing we were all informed that the long route would have 22 miles less because of certain roads already being impassable.  The shorter Route was still intact, but that would change soon enough.  If I remember correctly we rode about 30 minutes before the rain started.  It was not so bad at first but then the first storm rolled in and it got really interesting after that.  Although the roads all remained rideable the creek crossings became more difficult as the day and storms continued.

At about 30 or so miles out myself and 2 others came upon a course marshal and were given our first reroute. “Stay on this road until you get to Hwy U and turn left.”  Well by the time we got there the leaders were already coming back because that road was impassable also.  The rain continued and most everyone rerouted back to the 1st checkpoint where everyone just hung out for a while until a return home route was decided upon.

On we went.  The rain continued along with the lightning, thunder and for an added touch some pretty strong winds.  As we neared the finish and rolled down the last hill to the campground in anticipation we got there only to find that there was no finish line.  It had been destroyed by the wind.  Quickly I got the bike loaded before the next downpour and joined the others for some well deserved home made tacos and beer.”

-Pete L.


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