Hill County Ramble 100k graveler

“Springtime in Texas, where you never know what the weather’s gonna be. Could be 80 degrees, 50 degrees, windy, calm, sunny, cloudy, rainy…on the same day. With the exception of calm, April 22 was all the above.
Being the only one of our little group that bothered to show up and since I had all day free, I decided to give it a go and headed out.
Riding West the first couple of miles had me thinking the wind wasn’t that bad, then turned, heading north and dayum….holy wizard of oz batman!!!
20mph sustained, North winds, 52 degress at the start, a 10% chance of rain = fun times, said no one ever. So, 67 miles of W/N/W/N/E/S/E/S, finding that 10% chance of rain for about 8 miles and having to deal with 6 bad (so THEY thought) dogs.
20170422_124024 (1)
Finishing under partly cloudy skies and 73 degrees, I was cooked. A beating of a ride I normally wouldn’t have done, but chasing that cup is what drives me on. Till next month my friends, and the weather gets warmer, I’m going for two, or maybe double up on one, doesn’t matter either way cause Imma gitterduuun.”
-Danny B.

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