Night Riders – A Bike Adventure by Moonlight

“We started the ride out at 10 pm with 8 of us in tow,

On the tandem we headed north dreaming of gravel, adventure and good times to go.

Heading up along the St. Croix River and through Wolf Creek,

Into the Sand Barrens bogging down at times into axle-deep sand we sneak.

Through Crex Meadows and Fish Lake for miles under the moonlight with no headlight,

Watch out for that rock or I mean a muskrat on your right!

Made it to the Gandy and laid out our sleeping bags in a nice ditch we found,

With 2 hours of sleep and pour over coffees served up water bottle style instantly to be downed.

On our final stretch fueled by stomachs filled with two times our weight in food,

The 20 mph headwind made its best attempt to break our moods.”

-Patti B.


Cup O'Dirt Admin

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